Thursday, 28 January 2010

EquiARTeral blog

As promised, the EquilARTeral blog is up. Not much yet, but info on the exhibit at Slough Museum. I hope to get some photos when we hang the work. It is part of their annual Ideas Bank project with exhibits by artists in and around Slough.

I don't intend to post everyday over at the new blog and sometimes the others will post. It is mainly what is relevant about what we are doing as a group and a place where people can contact us in some way.

We may have a chance to hang some things in the window as well. We are going to take several things and see what works. I may be hanging Endless Possibilities. We shall see. It is translucent and is meant to be double sided or at least hung so you can see the shadows from the other side. So, it should be great in a window.

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