Sunday, 17 January 2010

In the post - yesterday

I don't know if you have heard of Remnant House in Harrogate, but they do a little catalogue with verbal descriptions of odds and ends of fabrics. I needed more habotai silk to use in the transparent/translucent pieces with the organza. So I made an order. It didn't take long at all!

Remnant House has an online site now and I noticed they had black habotai for the same price as the white. I have been wanting to try a discharge process which uses a paste and not bleach. (It is not good to use bleach for silk.) So, now I just have to get a period of time when I can play again and see what happens with the black habotai. I already have some black velvet, so it will be fun to experiment.

And then finally, since I was making an order, I also bought some cotton sheeting to replace what I used in the snow dyeing experiments this past week. The fabric I used I had purchased in the Bracknell Market from Lady Sew and Sew but as the Market is only open on Fri and Sat, it is not so easy to just pop along and get things when I need it. I like to have supplies in my stash so I can just get it out and work with it when I am ready to do the work...regardless of the day or if I have the car, etc.

So, now with the organza from the other day, I am sorted for supplies again. I rarely buy fabrics, but for me these are basics and it is good to know they are already on hand.

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