Tuesday, 12 January 2010

late presents and 2 lads and things we saw

Okay, I am sure you are tired of snow. But just go see what this "green and pleasant land" has been looking like and you will see why the dominance in the thoughts of UK residents.

So on to other things.

Yesterday, at long last, the Christmas present to me from my husband arrived. He ordered it near the beginning of December. I guess the snow held it up?

I am looking forward to seeing the workshops on these DVDs. I am particularly looking forward to the one on portraits because I met Maria Elkins last year when she was going round the UK with her daughter. They even stayed here over night and I took them into London.

And here is a photo of 2 very likely lads in front of a scene of London at the airport.

A Certain Lad and the Cousin Lad ... My sister Kathy's youngest.

They did go look round A Certain Lad's uni, which is not too far, but as the Cousin Lad had been trekking round the Middle East with a group for 10 days, they were both content to play Lego Indiana Jones video game for hours on end.

The Cousin Lad with me in front of the new travel pod thingys they are going to have at Heathrow. For some reason, A Certain Lad said I was smiling with an Italian smile. what? how many Italians does he know and what made it an Italian smile?

Other interesting things seen at the airport:

- The police pinching(taking) a lady's handbag from her trolley while she was gazing through the window of a shop!
It was actually interesting, she had no idea they took it, and even when she turned away and was pushing her trolley off, she had no idea it was gone! They had to come up to her and tell her they had taken it and give her whatever lecture they reserve for such dimwits who haven't the sense to look after their worldly goods in public places.

- an Art Shop in the Airport! well, this was very curious. Who has this sort of money to make impulse buys to ship to who knows where? Perhaps the smaller pieces, but the huge awesome horse painting? (which I wish the lady hadn't walked in front of when I was doing the photo) or the huge sculpture? Or maybe you would just put the torso under your arm and take it as carry on baggage? I wonder if they actually sell anything?

and last but not least,
- Stephen Hendry (famous snooker player) waiting on his own "looking Sad" (as my son said). I thought when I saw him that he looked like someone I knew. Then my son noticed the long piece of luggage which said "Snooker Priority" and which held his snooker cue. I would have been willing to stop and get an autograph, but A Certain lad felt too sorry for him and said he wouldn't want to talk to anyone, since he had lost his game and had to go home early. Well, I thought it would probably cheer him up. (and why did it seem he was all on his own without an entourage or hangers on?) But I hadn't the nerve... perhaps he wouldn't want people to know he had a middle age female fan that looked like the lady in the photo posted earlier.

and actually, I am a bit of a fan. Some time back, when recovering from a surgery I got interested in snooker. Okay, some think Cricket is boring. I like Cricket. There are some very exciting moments between the tactical parts. Snooker actually IS a bit boring, but you can watch it and read a book at the same time if you have to have enforced rest.

and the dog likes it! no, really, if you go off to do something and leave it on, you find her laying upside down on the settee with her head nearly hanging off watching the balls roll around on the screen! LOL I guess it has to be watched upside down to make it more exciting.

well, that is enough rambling for one day! If you have made it this far...thanks for visiting my blog!


Louise in SW Saskatchewan said...

Sandy, I think he would have liked to have been recognized, especially since he'd lost his game!

I once didn't say hello to Christopher Plummer (the actor) who had been at our town in Nova Scotia doing a fund-raiser the night before. He was with the head of the Drama School at the time and I was on a break from the university chorus practice. I figure if they are on their own time leave them alone. One of the other choir participants said I should have said something as his last movie (at that time) hadn't been a great success (VBG).

Maria Elkins said...

Hi Sandy -- I saw my name so I had to comment :) Hope you enjoy the DVDs! I'd love to see what portraits you make. Be sure to let me know!