Sunday, 31 January 2010

Dylon Dyes

A few weeks ago when I was trying the snowdyeing lark, I received an email from Emma Forbes at Dylon Dyes. They had come across the blog due to my use of Dylon Dyes. Emma offered to send a selection of samples for me to work with!

And so, they arrived in the post on Saturday. Thank you very much! There machine dyes and a range of hand dyes. Joy of joys! The hand dyes are colours I love to use! It is a little confusing because they are called by names like tulip red...will that be the cherry red or the scarlet? I am thinking scarlet.
others are Intense Violet, Ocean Blue, Bahama Blue, and Flamingo Pink.
As the Emma says, "All the dyes are powder form – both hand wash and machine wash and come in 24 gorgeous colours."

Emma also explained, "Every year around August time DYLON® also launches 3 new fashion colours to reflect what is shown at the A/W fashion shows in spring of that year. Last year the colours were autumn plum, petrol blue and stone grey, which have been prevalent in all high street fashion stores. We are waiting to see what this year’s colours will be…"

I love learning tidbits of info about the background of a product.

By the way the lead in video for the Dylon site if you just do is quite fascinating. Annoying if you are wanting to go straight to products, but fascinating.

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