Friday, 29 January 2010

Little Purse Booklets

Sometime back there was an article in the Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine (Winter 2006 issue 9) which showed how artist, Debbie Crane, had made a little book everyday for a year. She included a couple templates for some of the booklet which could be made to look a bit like purses.

So, for the Craft @the Library for February, we will be making one of the little booklets shown in the Magazine.

Here are a few that I made up for samples. It is a very good way to use the printed paper bags you get at craft fairs and some shops and can't bear to throw away! I also added a few card making stickers I had.


margaret said...

Great idea! I have a stash of those bags - they'll be useful for something some day - this could be the project... A book a week, eh??

Sandy said...

It says enlarge 30%, meaning you to use letter size paper for the signature, but I did 40% and am using some paper from a 9x12 sketch pad, which fits nicely.

The signature is made up using the method where you fold the paper in quarters both ways, then open up and slit certain lines in certain directions. Then you accordian fold it all around up and down. I am sure it has a name, but I don't know what it is called.

I like the idea of a book a week. now, lets see when will I do that? the awake in the middle of the night part of the schedule? LOL