Sunday, 3 January 2010

Once in a...

Blue Moon...
Not really blue, just my inability to keep the camera still
while on 16x zoom and pointed up in the air!

I took these photos New Years Eve. I heard it was a Blue Moon. Thinking it would be blue like the Red moon was red, I was a bit disappointed, but thought maybe it would be blue later in the night.
More like the moon actually looked

Today I had a laugh at myself! I should have looked it up. Apparently, a Blue Moon is when it is the second full moon in one month. Which only happens once in a
...Blue Moon, of course.

But, (
having now looked it up) for some, it was also a partial eclipse! Some of the world seemed to see the moon in a reddish light, but not quite as much as when it is a full lunar eclipse.
...When it is called a Red Moon!

So, maybe I need to get a tripod thingy.

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