Sunday, 10 January 2010

Cedar of Lebanon - final days

I just found out my husband had taken a photo of the Cedar tree last Tues night when the big snow started. This is before a good portion of the right of the tree came down, which prompted its removal.

I adapted the photo a bit to compensate for the blur and darkness.

As you can see it was very majestic. You felt as though it would carry on being there longer than you would be.
and how it looks now.

There were several of these trees around the neighbourhood. It would have been interesting to plot the layout. I think they must have had something to do with the landscaping of the grounds when this area was part of the estate for the mansion at South Hill Park.

Other events -Today I braved the snow to go collect my nephew from Heathrow airport. Funny thing was, the minute you got out of Bracknell onto the motorways, the driving was fine! i had loaded us up with a flask of tea, snacks, shovel, extra warm things, etc! Oh well.

My nephew was passing through from a trip with his university to the Middle East and was able to get a couple days extension. He has to be back at uni in America on Wed, but even a couple days is better than nothing when you don't see someone for years on end.

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