Saturday, 2 January 2010

learning from packaging?

The challenge for the Fast Friday Group this time seemed to be rather complicated and I hadn't a clue how I would manage. However, after much thought along lines I have totally abandoned, and after a look at a few of the first ones posted (which I don't normally do), I understood enough to make a start.
Color Scheme: Product Packaging
Nature Theme: Plants
Technique: Still Life

Here is my packaging. Here is where I have got to so far.
Once I worked out fabrics to go with colours, I started to see how I could make it a still life with plants. I want it to be rather abstracted instead of realistic.
The dalia needs a bit of a trim, the glads need some stamens or whatever and all the pinned things need attaching. Oh, and the background needs quilting.
Maybe a little more adjustments to the glad flowers.

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