Friday, 22 January 2010

EquiARTeral exhibiting!

Through some connections Jane Glennie has, our art group EquilARTeral has been offered the chance to exhibit work at the Slough Museum! As you may recall, EquilARTeral consists of Jane Glennie, Merete Hawkins and me.

So tonight we met to decide what we would show from what we have. We will have one wall, and other groups will each have a wall. There is also window space. We mainly decided on the pieces from our Zoom series. and depending on the space and hanging situation, some of my Connect/Disconnect pieces will be displayed.

The Connect/Disconnect pieces I did are meant to be shown doublesided or in such a way to see the shadows of what is on the other side.

The piece from my set which they decided from Zoom was the Letter piece.

The work will be shown from the 3rd of February for 1 month.

Slough Museum 278/286 High Street, Slough SL1 1NBE
Opening Times: 11am - 4pm Wed - Sat

I am going to be setting up a blog so we can show all our work in one place! I guess I will need to do that next week, so there will be a place people can go to look up more info about us.

We also showed the progress on our Staffordshire Hoard pieces. They look very good together. And once again are so specific to each one of us in the way we work. I think it is good that we all work so differently. It means no one is "copying" and yet the others can critique your work with unbiased eyes and with a different point of view. It is exciting to be able to take this group effort of encouraging one another to a different level of putting it out for public display!

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