Friday, 7 August 2009

I'm Back!

Well, we actually got back on Monday, but I have taken a few more days off to just read, get together with friends and putter about. Today I got back to work.

I am starting to plan the Designer Cushions course. Quite a bit of research, digging out fabrics for making samples...But nothing to show yet.

Instead, you can see what I got at Craft Basics in York. After I delivered my Little Gems in the pouring rain, I trudged across town...stopping in shoe shops as that was also on my list...and eventually arrived at what I consider to be the best shop ever for beads. It isn't a very big shop and the bits and pieces there have changed somewhat over the years, now reflecting the knitting and card making trends a bit more. However, they still have the big wooden former printer trays with all sorts of unique beads.
You may recall I was thinking about getting some brass ones for the latest Connect-Disconnect piece for EquilARTeral. I started out with just a few, but there were so many interesting ones, I got quite a selection, and then double the number of the one I think I might use. I also got a few more brass pins. I used up all the others I had, and the law of averages means that I will want to use more in other pieces, so I thought I better refill the stash. And of course, I had to go for the pack with copper ones, which also prompted a selection of copper beads as well. I have a drawer full of copper bits and pieces and a section of my head is dedicated to of these days I will actually make something from it all. The subconscious is still working on it.

As you can see, I also got a pack of felting needles. I tried it once at my friend's house, and although I do not intend to get into felting, there was something I made recently that I thought would have been easier to do if I could have felted the little pieces into the background. Can't remember what it was at the minute! But anyway, these weren't too dear and now I will have some if I need to attach something small or fluffy again.

On Sunday, we were in Leeds. So, I have some interesting photos from the church my sis-in-law is connected with. So stay tuned for a few select photos on Inspiration Tuesdays. I also got to see some of the embroidered vestments, which was rather interesting. I have made some stoles for my sis-in-law in the past.

What have you been up to lately? I do appreciate the comments now and again!


Marianne said...

Well you did ask so I am trying to get a card done for the Ideas of Inspiration; Distortion of Memory theme. Did a design last Sunday but decided it was just right in paper so why try to recreate it in fabric (one thing that constantly annoyed me when I did C&G many moons ago). Of course I then had to do a fabric card as well so that is wip; hope to finish tomorrow.

Kathleen C. said...

You may not have a definite plan for the felting needles right now, but I bet if you give it time you'll think of lots of ways to use them!