Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Inspiration Tuesday

I find the patterns discovered from past architects fascinating. Often you see quite a lot of detail that people can't be bothered to do now days. Maybe it is the cost, not so many people know how to do it, so those who do are at a premium.

Anyway, here are a few designs from floor of the choir in the church my sis-in-law is connected with. I took the photos when we were in Yorkshire a couple weeks ago.

The church was built in the Victorian Gothic period, so their designs were inspired by churches from the Middle Ages. This is fascinating to me. It is like a continuation. I get inspired by what I see from them and they are looking back to someone else...it is likely some of the designs in the Middle Ages went back to Anglo-Saxon or Celtic, and so on. This floor in particular reminds me of floors found in Roman Villas. And being in Leeds perhaps Roman finds from when they were in York influenced the designers. And of course, much of the influence is from nature, too. So, we combine bits and pieces from different periods in the past with what we see around us now and create something new. Love it!

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