Thursday, 13 August 2009

Cushion 4 - start

I have an idea of doing a sort of fabric manipulation with the folded cushion cover concept, but at present, I have been trying to get my head round the maths of how big the fabric has to be to go round the cushion. I have finally worked it out, but only after a bit of trial and error. I have got a zip inserted into a cushion back, though!

However, I have also ended up with pieces that DIDn't work. So, I have stretched the brain a bit to use those pieces and come up with something I like even better. Here is the start. The square has been cut in quarters on the diagonal, and then turned to match the corners. I already had covered the inside cushion on one side with a piece of olive green silk from a charity shop shirt sleeve! When I sew the print fabric together, I can insert the cushion through the diamond aperture. I am thinking of sewing the green ribbon along the stitch lines for hemming those long edges.

I think the olive green wants some sort of black motif, but I haven't worked out just what yet. I need to go to the market tomorrow for thread, so, perhaps I will find something that will work to show in the opening.

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