Sunday, 30 August 2009

Digital Cameras

So after singing the praises of digital cameras, mine has finally died. I don't know how long I have had it, but I know I was using it to do photos for my folder work when I did the City and Guilds Fashion qualification! I think I had it at the start, so it has been since at least 2002. I have used it A LOT!

Just to show you what it is is a photo of the ivy my husband was taking off the wall. I wanted to get a photo of the root system from the back for a future Inspiration Tuesday.

Not Nice. If it had better definition, I might be able to pretend I did it in Paint Shop Pro.

However, My son recently got himself a posh camera and left his other one here when he went to uni. He has been trying to get me to get one with more mega pixels. My husband has been using it a little. So, I have pinched it off his desk to use. It has a few more advantages, 1 - the view area is much bigger. This is great, since I need reading glasses to see close, and I am likely to have better photos if I can see better what I am taking the photo of and then what it looks like. 2 - It is lighter, so when I take it places to take photos, I won't be struggling with the weight of my bag so much. 3 - It only uses 2 batteries rather than 4. So, it will be easier to make sure they don't run out when I am trying to upload something late at night.

I have got the outline quilting done in the "border" area of the Letter piece. I will wait till I cover the edges of the silk and do the border before I show more photos.

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