Sunday, 9 August 2009

A bit of stitch

In the last post I mentioned the embroidery from Tiny Happy. I have also been noticing alot of other hand embroidery going on. For instance, Jude Hill especially finds ways to stitch the events around her into pieces she refers to as "Slow Cloth" (look in the Featured Blog list for her most recent post).

I have done quite a bit of embroidery in the past. Mind you, alot of it ends up having beads, but not all. There was a hope that I might teach it at the college, but there wasn't enough interest. I do love the feel of the hand motions and the needle going in and out of the fabric.

And so, last week when we went away, I made up several layers of rust fabric to which I am stitching pieces of a green fabric...for now. It might get something else when the time comes. It is something I can do when I need to be companionable! Well, I could easily park myself in the studio and never come out!

This weekend our son has gone back to uni...even though it doesn't start til nearly October...because he is in a house with friends this time and doesn't want to pay rent on the house if he is not using it. (wise, I think.) So, it is nice to sit companionably with my husband in the evening while I can before I am right out straight with classes and what not. He likes to tape the Poirot films and I have read most of them, so I can sit and stitch with my reading glasses and still keep up with the story.
And here is a bit of a start. Not so obvious the reasoning behind the stitches, but the first bit is about roads and the lines of travel we had going up to York. Then the next bit is about the rain and now I am doing a bit about all the walking I did. We will see how things develop.

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