Monday, 24 August 2009

Flight of Dragons - part 2

I made a bit of progress with Flight of Dragons today. It has taken a while to stitch round the swirly clouds and cut them back with a soldering iron. I am now going round the clouds again...the one on the right has been done. The next thing is to work out what is best to do about the edge. I need to do something that will draw attention to the colours of the dragons.

Just a bit of a notice: to vijayanand who seemed to think they could use my blog as a news commentary on certain cricket players and umpires... You are wrong. This blog is not the place for your attempts at reporting items concerning your own agenda. Therefore, I have removed your notices. I may have viewed things differently if you had actually commented on my post. I also refuse to get embroiled in controversy or speculation. I merely wished to write about my enjoyment of the game itself.

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