Friday, 14 August 2009

Bookmark Break

Today I popped into town this afternoon for thread, zips and loads of other things. Somehow, I left the thread! and the couple of bits I thought I would try for the centre of the cushion! I will have to go back tomorrow. I decided to wander into a charity shop to see if there were any decent curtains I could chop up to use for cushion cover samples. I was so surprised to discover a pair of curtains in the same fabric as our settees and chair! I found a remnant some time back and stretched it enough to recover the seat cushions well at least the worst side of each one! So, some of them need help again, and the arm cushions are going. (We still like the frame, but I haven't got around to wanting to learn how to cover the whole thing. I never have been totally fond of the print, but having green scatter cushions will be better than the dingy peach ones.) Now, with these curtains, I can chop them up and should be able to get a bit more life from what is there.

Today for some reason we both woke up very early. My brain was running a mile a minute with plans for the costume course. My husband got up and went off to collect some ebay treasure before work, and instead of trying to go to sleep, I finished reading a kid's adventure book. However, I still was in my studio before I normally get there! So, I made notes about the ideas I had for the costumes. I also actually tidied up some and moved a few drawer sets around to make a place for my growing pile of plastic boxes full of workshop and course supplies.
And then, instead of working on cushion 4, I developed my bookmark samples for the September Crafts @the Library.Lynne at the library thought it might be helpful to have a little piece of paper with the info about the next Crafts @the Library to give the people who come. Then it can be easier for them to remember the date. Trouble is, I am often just getting my head round what I am going to do next time... or if I do know, only just have time to make a preview sample to take to show them!

So, as the workshops are next week and I was still trying to work out the best way to do a bookmark under the circumstances we have, I was feeling a bit pressured. I had originally planned something else, but as time went by, I realised it was a bit too ambitious for the sessions. But what to do instead? So, it has only been a couple weeks that I settled on bookmarks. I wanted to incorporate fabric and stitch.
I am please with these. I think these will work with the skill levels we have. The learners can either learn blanket stitch or refresh their memory. Also, the materials will not take too long to prepare . I decided to put pelmet vilene inside to make them sturdier. However, the kind they had in the market was a bit too stiff for novice stitchers to stitch through, so I got heavyweight sew-in interfacing instead.

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