Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Cushion 1 - finish

Here is the finished Cushion. I used a thick gold thread to stitch long broken lines across the main part of the design.

I won't be teaching this one. I had heard about a Japanese cover technique which involved simple folding and just a few seams. In theory, you should have to unstitch the long seam, should you wish to wash the cover. I thought I would try it out, but of course tried adapting it to see if I could make the back seam into something which could contain a fastener. Although it looks pretty good. It needs more work. I ended up stitching the seam anyway and decided to just leave it for a trial piece. It can work for an example of surface decoration though.

The folding of the corners on the ends of the long seam need some adaptation which I may try to get right sometime in the future. My adjustments also meant that the short seams didn't meet. So, that needs worked on before I feel confident about showing someone else how to do it. Maybe I will come across an article which shows the concept a bit better than what I invisioned from the description.


Lynne said...

This looks lovely Sandy. Is it one large square with the points folded to the centre to make the back? Or more complicated than that?

Sandy said...

Yes. That is what is meant to be the plan.

(And this is how not to do things, but how you discover other things as you go along.!)
But of course, I didn't actually start with a square, which means I had the overlap I wanted, but had to fold the corners in sort of funny.

And then I decided to do foiling, but thought the green was too bright. so I went to do gold, but it was a different sort of foil and since I was doing it on the completed cushion cover, the foil also highlighted the seams underneath even though they didn't have adhesive web. So, in order to get those lines to blend in, I did more over a seam I had cut off something else, and then decided it needed more and did greeny gold paintstick marks in different places over a triangular pattern rubbing plate, and then gold crayon over a large circle swirl in different places. and then finished off today with the gold stitching.

Why am I never able to do simple? Perhaps if I followed directions?