Thursday, 20 August 2009

3D studies

I mentioned a while ago that the Doodle Day Blog and the Today's Title Blog have merged. It is now the Ideas of Inspiration. There is a bit longer to reply to the prompt and you can work in whatever media you desire. Because of all my other commitments, I can't do major projects, but I do like the idea of using this as a way to prime the pump, so to speak. It starts off ideas, which my brain then can mull over and possibly come back to in the future. So, I am basically doing little things which in themselves will be a reminder of the idea when I come back to it.

The first prompt was Foxgloves. My reply was to do a quick little bit with Easter egg foil. Here is a link to the Foxglove posts.This gave me the idea to use the prompts to practice some 3D ideas. I want to explore 3D a bit, possibly next year. So, if I can do a little 3D treasure in reply to the prompt...without stretching it too much...I am going to do so.

And so the next prompt was Distortion of Memory. Comnplicated...but finally, I did a piece of pumpkin pie with pepper on it. Why? read here.

And the new prompt? Monotone. Okay, these are possibly not going to be easy. But I like a challenge.

While I am away at the Festival of Quilts tomorrow and Saturday, perhaps I will come up with A Bright Idea.If you are going to be at the Festival of Quilts (Birmingham, UK) stop and see me. I am on the Contemporary Quilt stand Friday 3-4pm. And I am at the SAQA stand on Saturday, 2:30-4 pm. I am also going to the Regina Benson and the Jenny Bowker lectures on Saturday.

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