Monday, 27 July 2009

Little Gems

I talked a bit about the Little Gems when I featured Margaret Cooter's blog.

Here is a glimpse of the ones I decided to send.
It is kind of nice to have a bit of a clear out and the benefit will be for the Quilt Museum in York. There will be a tombola at the Festival of Quilts.

So, I am finishing up labels for the ones which do not have them. I was going to parcel them to send, but I just realised that we are already planning to go to York at the weekend, so maybe I can deliver them in person! Save on parceling and postage! That will be one less thing to do!

I went to visit with Lynne's Monday night fashion class this evening. They will be meeting in the room next to mine when I am teaching the C+G course. It was good to see who belonged to some of the projects I saw when we set up for the EV. I am looking forward to doing the teaching. A bit scared, but looking forward to it. I am to go to London for a training day in September, since it is a new version of the course. That should be interesting!

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