Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Vote for Pumpkin Mouse

Pumpkin Mouse - by Fairyfolk

I don't normally post 2 times in one day, but I thought I would tell you about a voting going on for a sweet little mouse in a pumpkin made by Fairyfolk from one of my Featured blogs - Magic Onions. I have borrowed the photo from her blog so you could see it.

To vote for Pumpkin Mouse in the Etsy Kids Halloween Challenge pop on over HERE and cast your vote. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the VOTE button. Voting will be open through midnight EST on Thursday, 27th August .

I don't normally do the voting sort of thing, and I don't go overboard with the Halloween thing, but this little mouse in a pumkin would just be a very special little thing to start a story for a wee one, wouldn't he?

1 comment:

The Magic Onions said...

Sandy, this is SO kind for you to campaign for Pumpkin Mouse... he is tickled pink with pleasure from all the interest he's getting. Thank you so much.
Blessings and magic to you.