Sunday, 23 August 2009

FOQ and Cricket

Just stopping in for a quick post after getting back from the Festival Of Quilts yesterday. It was a very great time. I met up with loads of people, saw some great quilts, and visited some interesting evidenced with the layout on my table above. One of my friends won the Miniature category with an Art Quilt entry!! Cool!

This summer I have been glued to the telly and radio listening to the Ashes Series Cricket Test Matches. In the evening on the telly in the bar/restaurant on Friday I was sooo exited to see England had managed to get Australia out all in one day. But I started to worry they would be finished before I got home!! And then to hear the score on Saturday as the Festival of Quilts was close to a hope. Could they carry it off?

So, today I sat and listened as Australia seemed to be making a comeback. But not to worry, England won! And a day early as well. WOOO HOOO! So, here's a snapshot of one of the wickets from the telly in order to mark the occasion!

I think this may have to get into some textile work in some way. :)

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Lorchen said...

It was lovely running into you in Birmingham, Sandy. As always, the only problem was not enough time.