Saturday, 15 August 2009

Featured Blog

This month some of the regular features like Inspiration Tuesday and Featured Blog are a bit hit and miss. With it being the holidays, I am out and about and doing different things than usual.

However, I have a Featured Blog for you today that is quite unique. It is Resurrection Fern, written by Margaret Oomen.

Margaret does some very interesting arrangements with stones and other items, often out in nature. She crochets covers for stones...which may sound strange, but in some way, they become quite ethereal looking, especially when arranged with wild flowers and the like. There was a recent article about her work in Crochet Today, where she is referred to as an Eco Artist. A very good description, I think.

Here is a link to one of her posts with crochet covered stones in the forest. Margaret also has an attraction for various mushrooms and fungi. Her nature photography is stunning!

Below is one of my many photos while out and about. Maybe one connection with Margaret's stones and photos is my interest in old ruins and walls which often have nature claiming them. The other side of the coin?

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