Friday, 17 July 2009

EquilARTeral - Connect-Disconnect - A4

Tonight we had our EquilARTeral meeting. I had started the medium piece in our Connect- Disconnect series, so I worked on it this week. This time the connect-disconnect element is that it is held together with brass safety pins. There is some stitch through it, too, but it is loosely knotted, which also means it could be disconnected easily.

If I can find some brass beads or something, I may sew them to the sticks at the top, so as to resemble the top of the A6 piece. There is also a section which can be disconnected. All of this disconnection discussion is about the meaning as it is really meant to be displayed as it is. As you can see, I am also still following some of my ideas about transparent pieces.

I still have to stitch the Letter piece from the Zoom series. I know what I want to do, but I needed time to work out just how I would do it. The other day, someone mentioned using freezer paper ironed onto the work and then stitched through. I think that is what I need to create areas I want to quilt with different patterns. I am hoping to get to that next week.

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Dale Anne said...

How big of brass beads do you need? I have some in my stash - found at a thrift store, so let me know how many you need.