Monday, 13 July 2009

One Two Five Gallery Exhibition

As I mentioned, on Saturday, 3 of us from the Thames Valley Contemporary Quilt group went to the Exhibition at the One Two Five Gallery near Bath. There was work by Carole Waller, Gary Wood, David Gates, Beata Host, Dail Behennah, and Peter Hayes.

Here are a few glimpses for you.

I seem to have been quite taken with the raku work by Peter Hayes. It has such a timeless quality. Gary Wood's work had a textile aspect to it, but I didn't photograph it. I liked the portals element of some of the work. I am interested in portals, too, but it hasn't come out in my work ...yet. The work from David Gates and Dail Behennah both had a form of stitching or weaving as part of the sculpture. One with wood and the other with small pebbles and dowels. Beata Host's silver jewellery had an ancient feel. (My Danish friend said it felt "Viking"...then we learned the artist is Norwegian!) Carole Waller's textile work caught between UV glass and sealed so it could be displayed outdoors created vivid sculpture which changed with the light. I am sure I could have stayed much longer.

And...well...someday, maybe I would be rich enough to have at least one of the raku pieces!

I will tell you more about Saturday later in the week. I am teaching Fabric Painting for Crafts @the Library at the Birch Hill Library tomorrow and at the Great Hollands library on Wednesday. (As well as finishing up the teaching course! Hurrah!)

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