Monday, 6 July 2009

Red Blouse

Unfortunately, due to the batteries being recharged, I haven't got a photo for you today. But I will add it tomorrow.

I am working on a red linen blouse. Did I plan to work on a red linen blouse right now when I should be finishing college assignments? No.

However, I was convinced by my colleague and my boss that I should include something from the refashioned clothing into the fashion show. So, I decided the Dragon Jeans would make the best statement from a catwalk. And, since I am not totally happy with the t-shirt that I wear with the jeans and I keep meaning to make up this red linen into a blouse. I am making a red linen blouse.

This alone would not be such a problem, but for the fact that I decided I really like the purchased linen blouses I have that have shirt collars. Shirt collars suit me. So, I have had to draft a shirt collar. Oh well, I have got it to the stage of stitching the collar down on the inside. I have to hem the short sleeves and the blouse hem. And make buttonholes and do buttons. I can do those on Wed. I think. I have a tutor meeting tomorrow and will have to come back home to finish my assignment before going back up in the evening.

Oh, and I have bright ideas about some sort of embellishment. But if that happens at all, it will have to be Wed. ...or after the fashion show all together.

It looks pretty good. It is a good colour for me. But perhaps, just for once, I should have been happy with the t-shirt.

All I can say, is thank goodness for audio books! I am listening to Elderest from the dragon trilogy by Christopher Paolini.

Yes, it would be about a dragon, wouldn't it?
And here...the blouse so far.

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