Saturday, 18 July 2009

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Back to a featured blog again this weekend.

One of the blogs I have been enjoying a lot recently is called The Magic Onions. It is written by a young mum with 2 small children. I don't actually know her name. She also crafts and has an Etsy shop. Her little felted fairy friends are darling.

I enjoy reading about all the magical things the young mum does with her children. I had not heard of the Waldorf theory of education, but if all of the people getting on board do things like she does, it must be a magical way of learning!

Some of the activities they do remind me of some of the things we made with our Mom. We used to cook, make doll clothes, push the bed out to stand behind and tell pop up jokes... and much more!

The Magic Onion Blog also reminds me of some of the fun stuff I did with my son. Here is a photo of him with one of the many costumes I concocted for him. Making costumes for him is actually what really got me going with sewing, costumes and the like. I think I have mentioned all the things I ended up doing for his playgroup, then nursery, then the different primary schools!

Interestingly enough, as well as the discovery stuff we did that encouraged his Scientific mind, he also enjoys cooking!

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The Magic Onions said...

Dear Sandy,
Thank you so much for such kind words. I found you through a mum who commented on my blog and said she'd found me through you... thank you so much. Your words are so very encouraging and come at a time when I needed encouragement. Your blog is wonderful and I know I will spend lots of time here.
Blessings and magic.