Thursday, 23 July 2009

Fashion Show - a bit more

I told you a bit about the fashion show the college put on at the Novotel, Reading the 10th July. My friend, Pat, has sent me some photos, so I will share a few with you.
The red suit with black having fun the second time we went up and back I took the jacket off and flung it over my shoulder.
The dragon jeans and red blouse

Also, there is a place where you can see some photos the newspaper did, and a video on YouTube that gives a flavour of the evening.
Newspaper photos - If you look on page 2, third row down, farthest to the right, you can see my friend Gabrielle and I strutting our stuff with our day wear clothes.
YouTube video - The lady near the end with the 50’s feel orange dress is the head of college, Lesley Reilly. She had a dress that was her mother’s, which she wanted to alter to fit. Gabrielle helped her work out how to get some of the fabric from the hem to put a v shape into the back with a zip so it would fit her on top. The lady who had the flowers at the very end is our very
wonderful boss, Lynne Bush. She made 3 of the wedding dresses last year for her new daughter-in-laws, as her 3 sons all got married the same year!
We are getting ready for the External Verifier to come look at the student work tomorrow. It all looks really good when it is all together. Perhaps I can get some photos.

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