Thursday, 2 July 2009


Well, not much accomplished today, due to a migraine. But yesterday I also lengthened my trouser pattern and cut out a pair to try. I had been given enough "bottom weight" fabric to make some trousers, so that will do for a trial.
Sometimes when you do a knee length toile, like I did the other day, you run into problems when you lengthen them. So, it pays to try it out in a fabric that isn't too precious, first. I followed the slacks look from Helen Joseph-Armstrong's book "Pattern Making for Fashion Design". The trousers should fit fairly well...or at least better than RTW (Ready to Wear). If I need to make any adjustments, I can do that for future pairs.

I don't actually intend to wear dark blue gabardine trousers at this time of year! But I know the autumn will get busy when I start to teach. My legs don't do too well with the cold, so I will have at least one pair to wear when the weather starts to turn. The ones I had got too big. (Yes!)

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