Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Red Blouse

Today I spent time trying to find buttons for the red blouse. I decided I like the look of the blouse so well as it is, I would only do a hint of decoration with the buttons. I dug all the red buttons out of my tin and found 3 red and white and 3 red, white, and blue. (I had some other red and white ones, but the red was on the outside and blended in so well that it seemed you just had white buttons.) I decided to alternate the buttons and create a unique look. As you may have noticed, I am quite into unique!
I think I have managed to have a good mixture of a classic look with interesting feature. I can wear it with other things than the dragon jeans.

One thing that makes me excited about this blouse is that it fits so well. And with the shirt collar, looks very good on me. It will be much easier to make another blouse when I know I have a pattern that works straight away.

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