Wednesday, 29 April 2009

EquilARTeral - Connect-Disconnect

Our new challenge for EquilARTeral is "Connect-Disconnect". Last time we had A5, A3, A1. This time it is A6, A4, A2. I have had some ideas hanging round in my head. But when I actually started to think of doing it, several other ideas came together and I am going with them.


In a way it is an extension of some ideas from Endless Possibilities. I am using transparent, translucent materials. This time I have pattern tissue with crayon rubbings over stamps, some of the rust dyed habotai, and some silk organza with more crayon rubbing.
The connection of the layers is beads. This is also what makes it disconnected. This is the A6 piece and was rather fiddly to do. I have never got into the fabric postcard craze, and this is around the size of the postcards.

detail from side

Because all the layers are separated like that, it was a bit floppy. So, it decided it wanted to hang from a coffee stirrer stained with walnut ink and with holes made to attach the piece using beads. The tissue was starting to get frazzled at this point, even though I had ironed the wax from the crayons and it had a firm waxy texture. So, I have painted the surface with acrylic wax.

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