Wednesday, 15 July 2009

A Wander Round Box

After we'd been to the 1 2 5 Studio on Saturday, we had thought to go to Bath. However, none of us could face the prospect of sitting in the queue of traffic we encountered a few miles out of Bath, especially when the result would be to drive round and round Bath looking for a place to park.
On our journey, we had driven through a quaint little village called Box and commented that it would be lovely to stop in a place like that sometime and wander round discovering things. So, we turned round, drove to Box, and had a wander!
Apart from the obvious Victorian Gothic architecture we could see, we learned about things such as Brunel's tunnel goes through the town, Rev. Audrey wrote the Thomas the Tank Engine books there, The village school was one of the Victorian charity schools, a Roman villa was discovered there, The St Thomas a' Beckett church had interesting features from 1600's as well as Georgian and Victorian period, A Blind House is like a little gaol where the drunk and disorderly were put overnight and Peter Gabriel has a studio there and owns several Picassos. (This was not verified, because although we headed down a steep path between walls, over stile and through a cow field, we got distracted and crossed a bridge over a stream and found a lovely little water garden!)

Here are a few photos of interesting bits and pieces. Great Day! Thanks for coming up with the idea Merete!

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