Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Letter - stitching

The Letter piece from the Zoom series for the EquilARTeral group has been on hold for sometime til I could get the confidence to do the stitching part.
I wanted to do letters from manuscript alphabets. However, I didn't feel I could do it freehand. So, I traced some onto tracing paper. But then, how to transfer it to the silk? My normal choice is pencil in alot of cases. But I have been told that pencil doesn't come out of silk.

So, I thought I would stitch through feezer paper, after hearing about someone who did something similar. But when it came to it, I couldn't face the possibility of having to pick out little bits of paper that wouldn't come out. (Can you tell I have stitched paper before?)

In the end, I thought I would at least start with placement, using the large piece of card I had started with for planning the rest of the piece. I traced on the back of the tracing paper, and then burnished it into place on the card. This worked very well.

I thought, okay, let's try thread choice and just see what would happen if I DID use pencil. It actually wasn't too bad. I tried rubbing out the mark, and it seemed it was possible. So, I went ahead with using the burnishing the traced letter from the back of the tracing paper.
AND Here are some of my first letters!! ( I started from the middle out.) I am chuffed to say the least! If you want to know how difficult it was to force myself to do this, I have been off and on the computer nearly all day time wasting! If I had not needed something to show on the blog, I would have procrastinated again for another day!!
When I have the letters done, I will do some freehand work in, around and between the letters...possibly in a fainter thread. I will also go round the fused and foiled sections.

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