Friday, 3 July 2009

Firewolf - Companion to the Dragon Lords

Okay, the emerging dragon is a wolf after all.

As I was working, I realised that it was a Firewolf.

Here is the story: Firewolves are companions to the Dragon Lords, whose senses are not as keen when they are in their human form. They rely on their bonded Firewolf to sense those things they can not. The Firewolf is very nearly as dangerous as the Dragon, and sometimes are mistaken for juvenile dragons if encountered in the forest. (Well, you don't stay long to look when you catch a glimpse of one.) Some of the mistake is due to the fact that they breathe fire as well as dragons.

His ears are only attached at the base.

I enjoyed thread painting the texture of the Firewolf's fur. I quilted the surrounding areas with flames. Because I am also using these for the 2009 Contemporary Quilt journal quilts, the size is meant to be 6x12in. Of course the thread painting/quilting shrunk the size. So, round the sides I attached a teal coloured hairy thread and a multicoloured cord - made using some of the same threads as for the thread painting . (The cord was left from some made for the "Epic Quest of the Last Dragoness" - Bernina Ensemble, as it happens!) The piece still is not quite 6x12, but near enough.

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