Sunday, 19 April 2009

Surprises in the post

The other day, Sue left a message when I showed my painted skirt. There was a link to her blog where she had done a very interesting jeans jacket with "graffiti". You can see Sue's blog here. Scroll down to the post on the 12 April for the jeans jacket.

Sue used a craft syringe to write the thin lines with. I had been wishing I had a black paint with an applicator tip. She offered to send me a couple of the syringes to try out. Well, the post came yesterday and there was a stuffed to the gills parcel in there. Not only had Sue sent the craft syringes, but she had also sent me one of her special handmade journals. Wow. It is amazing and in colours I really love! All of it was wrapped beautifully with a gorgeous blue ribbon and a card which had an ATC made using the technique she used for the jacket. Cool.
Oh dear, now the question is what shall use the journal for? For now, I will enjoy the preciousness of it. I love notebooks, blank pages and all sorts like that. One day it will be ready for the perfect thing.

Thanks Sue!

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