Friday, 17 April 2009

Doodle 5

Well, it's not really no. 5. But I think it is the fifth one I put up here. I thought you might like to know what I mean about using the doodles to explore a design idea. On this one, I was trying a different shape for the centre of a flower. It is okay, but not quite what I wanted. I may revisit the idea sometime.

See the bit at the top? Sometimes I just start off with patterns and then there is even less page to worry about for trying a concept!

But today, I had success for another design for painting on fabric. AND, when I went to town for a bulb for the overlocker, I also popped into Oxfam and picked up a couple jeans type things which looked like candidates for refashioning or painting. this space.
freshly washed and in need of ironing

I have also been asked to teach a workshop in Nov. with a Christmassy theme. So, while that thought was in my mind, I played about with an idea that came to me that would be an original Christmas design. After all these years, you wouldn't think you could get any of those! but I think I came up with something that will work! And it is also something that could be translated to a stencil for part of it, so I may end up using it as a decorative pattern for the workshop.

Oh yeah, nearly forgot...I also painted one side of some papers this morning. I don't normally do much with papers. But I thought if I had some, I could play with some other painting ideas for a workshop I am to teach. As my C+G design principles teacher told us, it is easier to work with papers as it isn't so precious.
I have only done a sort of background effect at present, so I will show you more when I get more done.


Carol said...

Your doodle looks very lacy. I like it.

Sandy said...

Thanks Carol!
Actually, since I posted it, I have been thinking that if it were turned upside down, it would make a great border print.

Sometimes I forget that with a photo you see something with different eyes!

Helen Suzanne said...

love the doodle sandy. It works really well.