Wednesday, 22 April 2009


The Crafts@the Library workshops at Great Hollands still struggles to get going. Today my friend Yvonne came with me. She and Simon - the library manager were the only ones, but enjoyed making Suncatchers. We did have one lady express interest in the next month's workshop. She came in when we were nearly finished.

And as we had to walk home (my husband had the car today) we met the lady who came last month. Hopefully we can see if more will come next time. Otherwise, I think we need to try a different day. The Birch Hill Workshops are always well attended, so no worries there for next Tuesday.

Anyway, Simon did some great patterns, and Yvonne did some flowers and umbrellas for her little granddaughter's room.
Hard to see the yellow petals round the flower. We had to take the photos laying down because they just blended into the background of the bookshelves.

I think this project was almost a bit too easy. But perhaps with more students it will be different. There was plenty of time to do another one which I will encourage next time. Or, if I get my thinking head on, I may add some other sort of options to the process.

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