Friday, 24 April 2009

Cheerful blouse

Today I was "on a sew" as I have heard someone call it. I altered 3 things making them small enough to fit my current size (and I got down to a new number on the scale today after hovering in one spot for a few weeks!)

I also finished the white linen blouse that is to go with the "cheerful skirt". I wanted it to be a bit sedate, so that when I wear it with the cheerful skirt it doesn't turn into the "Hilarity Outfit".
However, because I had decided to chop it into a v neck and it was drafted as a jewel neckline, it really gapes. So, I think it is wanting a small ruffle inside the neckline a bit like I did on this t-shirt. It will still work with the skirt, because of the ruffle at the skirt hem, but won't be overdoing it

....and won't mean I have to take it in at the shoulder, which is the real reason. As you may recall, the linen blouse was a fitting toile which I hoped would be close enough in fit to wear. I have taken note of the changes I need and will use them on blouses I cut from this pattern in the future. In the meanwhile, the blouse fits better than any I could purchase, so is indeed a wearable toile...

or will be after the addition of the small ruffle.

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