Thursday, 2 April 2009


Today was the Design Principles class on Texture. It was wonderful. We all had a very good time. It wasn't too long before I managed to forget I was being observed! By my "boss" and by one of the teachers of the teaching course. So, they were meant to quietly sit there observing. But eventually they couldn't stay away and had to come over and have a look at what we were up to.

We played with Impasto, where you mix sand into paint and lay it on thick. It was a technique used by medieval artists. We also did several other fun things, but I promised I wouldn't put photos on the blog. Maybe when they develop their work and make up the resolved pieces they will let me.

So, instead here is a sketch of Pepper, who was waiting with chin on floor for me to do something the other day. The Doodle Day prompt the other week was dog. I had done some dogs in a doodle previously, but I thought I would try to do Pepper. Not too easy to do a black dog. Because I wasn't sure I'd get the shape right to start with, I started on a Post It. But all the practice I have been getting with dragons and all, I suppose helped with it going well. It really took a lot of working in more and more pencil to get the right effect. In fact there was so much pencil, the light bounces off.

I was quite chuffed with getting the forshortened front ear right.

Hey, everybody, I CAN draw! It's mainly about observation!


Kathleen C. said...

Yes! Draw what you see... not what you think you should be seeing. Easier to say than do, but it looks like you have it!
Wonderful sketch of Pepper.

Sandy said...

Thanks Kathleen,
I appreciate your encouragement.

Thanks for stopping by, and the comments. I hope you see the reply, I couldn't find your email to respond.