Sunday, 26 April 2009

Cheerful blouse - fix

As you recall, the white linen blouse started off like this. It was cut out nearly 2 years ago.
I worked on it this past week or so to match the "Cheerful Skirt". However, 2 things. I have lost some weight and I cut the jewel neckline to a v, plus added the button stand. (in real life you aren't meant to change the plan for the shape of a blouse as you go along!) So, although the result looked okay, it gaped badly at the neck.
So, I put a bit of ruffle round the neck, which helped with the gaping. It didn't fix it, just helped.
Part of that was it was too big, as well. So, being linen, it sort of stood out to attention, so to speak. I wore it today and realise that this was because I needed to take it in. I realised I could get the neckline to lay closer to my chest if I took it in at the top too. I didn't want to unpick anything, but I realised I had enough extra ease to actually turn the waist dart into an armscye princess line. So, I took it in from the waist right up past the bust and curved over into the armseam.
IT Worked!
Then I also took it in at the back waist darts and the side seam from the waist down. And it is great! Phew. I think I better make up another blouse soon so I can be sure I get it right this time. I will never remember all the changes otherwise.


Modest Mom said...

Your blouse is going to look really good with your skirt! Love it.

Sandy said...

At least I will look more put together than lately. everything was getting too big and floppy, so I was relying on some rather boring plain blouses and skirts.

Hey, I looked at your profile and followed a few links to blogs like faithful fashion, etc. Those are great. There are a few young ladies at my church who would appreciate that sort of blog. there is some good guidance there.
take care,Sandy