Thursday, 2 April 2009

doodle 4 and a bit of a trick

Today was a migraine day. So you get photos I put on other blogs.

I'm not sure if I mentioned the Doodle Day blog. You get a prompt every week, and you can do a doodle and then upload it to the blog. This week's prompt was paisley. The lady who runs it started it from a blog with prompts for a variety of art. It is called Today's Title is... I heard about it by having a look at other Doodle day member blogs. So, I had a look and decided to go with that, too.
This week's prompt is "Slice of Reality".

So, I played with Paint Shop Pro to put the reality with the vision. Me with my Bernina girls. I should have placed them quite a bit taller, but it will do for the experiment. Each photo was taken in different years!
Now I get the idea how they can make the tricky photography of celebs with other celebs they shouldn't be with. 'Course they are better at it. but it isn't all that hard.

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