Monday, 20 April 2009

Beaded Suncatchers

This month for the Crafts@the Library sessions, we will be making Beaded Suncatchers from recycled CDs. Now you know what to do with all those unsolicited CDs you get in the post! Besides getting people meeting up in the community and learning a few crafts, I really like the idea of introducing ways to make art with recycled materials.

Here is a photo of some samples I made up. Too difficult to photograph in the window or outside, but you can see the light catching on them even in my studio!
fruit and veg/geometric patterns

The cool thing about these is that they are very easy and also use up things that would be thrown away. They can be used to brighten up the window or around the patio area. You can also hang them in the garden to keep the birds away from your newly planted seeds.

Watch this space for photos of what the students make! I am interested to see what type of decoration they will do. I am quite chuffed with the thought of doing veg. We do get some men participating and they may not want a flower design. Well, some ladies may not want flowers either!

Crafts@the Library dates for this month are: 22nd April at Great Hollands Library and 28th April at Birch Hill Library. The time for both sessions is 2-4pm. If you are in the area, you are welcome to stop in and join us! Cost is £2 per session.


Jude said...

That's a wonderful idea, why not veg or gardening utensils or pets?? You've got me at it now....

MargaretR said...

Wonderful idea.

Sandy said...

Oh, I like the gardening utensils and pets idea. that gives me something else to suggest that they might like to try.