Thursday, 23 April 2009

a few doodles

Just a few more doodles I have done in the past week or so. Both of these were from prompts on the Doodle Day blog.

The first prompt was Owl. I had a few ideas of what I might do for Owl but they all went out the window when I heard Paul Simon's song on the radio. The computer in the sketch says "Sorry, Paul" in the Instant Messaging corner.

Call Me Owl

The next prompt was Kitchen Chaos. I started thinking about making a stew and I probably had a bit of Micky and the Fantasia Kitchen in mind as well! The top thingy is meant to be a chef's hat, even though it looks like a muffin. or maybe it is a muffin and the chaos has gone a bit too far!

In a Stew

I am enjoying these quick sketches and doodles. They sort of work to prime the pump so to speak.

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