Monday, 13 April 2009


Today was a productive day. First I started off by adding a couple flowers to the back of the makeover skirt. When I had got to that point yesterday, I started getting other ideas, and so the different flower developed. However, as I looked at it, I realised it needed some more that were like it. The dots are pollen, so they are alright, as the flower with the pollen is just slightly different.
Next, I sewed up a skirt I had cut out over a year ago! It is more of a spring weight fabric. I had meant for it to be plain and all it needs is the hem. But, I am on a decorated phase at present, and it would be more cheerful decorated. So, I found some fabric in the stash which will cheer it up a bit. I also have a white linen blouse I had made up to the fitting stage. It was a toile for my block (A toile is a trial garment.) This blouse didn't need any adjustments, but I never got round to finishing anything. It wants facings, etc. I decided if I do the cheering up to it as well, then I will actually have something that goes together! So, that is on for another day...perhaps tomorrow.
After that, I finished stitching down the decoration on the dragon jeans I started in Tracy Bautista's class at Houston in the Autumn. Part of the delay was that I wanted them stitched with a heavy black line. But when I was using thick black thread, it kept fraying and breaking. Today I had a lightbulb moment and decided to use 2 strands of normal black thread. Yes, it got the result and no problems with the stitching. All my other trousers have become too big, due to at last being able to lose a few more pounds. So, now I have a pair that fit and will suit teaching classes on decorating clothes! However, for this I do need to come up with a top to go. I am thinking red...which I don't have at present. But maybe some red linen in my cupboard will do.
So, I am a happy bunny today. Some of the reason I had more time to do this at last is that the C+G external verifier said we don't need to do as many assignments as they had set. That suits me! So, I will get back to studying another day, but as it is the Easter holiday, I may as well take a break and do something different!

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liz said...

Hi Sandy, fantastic blog. I loved your doodling/drawing post. Especially that bit about using the pen and not being able to rub out. You (I mean one) can spend so long correcting things that are not all that important you never get to the interesting bit. A lot of primary school children do that, so I ban rubbers in my classes (but they still sneak them in on the end of their pencils)