Saturday, 18 April 2009

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I love fantasy and adventure stories like Lord of the Rings. If they have a dragon in them all the better!

Anyway, when I came across today's featured blog, it made my heart sing. I hope you like it, too. The posts are not very frequent, but there is a very good reason for that. Besides, there is enough artwork decorating the pages that you can just enjoy going to look at that inbetween posts.

The blog is called The Hermitage and is written by Rima. Rima does the most fantastical artwork. You just feel like you have fallen into a story when you look at her work.

And, besides the stories in her art, Rima lives a story as well. She and her partner are travelling artists. They find inspiration in the various places they stop around Britain. If you go back in the blog posts, you can discover the beginnings of setting out on their travels. And so, you see why the posts are infrequent. I think it is amazing to be able to live that sort of lifestyle and yet be connected with the global community through modern technology.

If you love Rima's work like I do, you may have a chance to see some in person if you meet them on their travels. Sometimes they have impromptu exhibitions to sell a bit of work (like for finances for fixing parts on their home!) In fact, in a few weeks they will be in Long Melford, Suffolk. The Imagine Gallery will be having and exhibition of other artist's work along with Rima's. It runs from 26th April until 10th May. I do hope they travel to the west of London in the near future!

Rima has a website as well. It has an amazing interactive way to enter the site. Go and have a look!

And a tenuous link perhaps, but here is a photo of some of the fantasy adventure books I have waiting for me to stop and read. About half of them came away with me from Oxfam yesterday. Oxfam do books for something like 5 books for £1.49 or something equally tempting. The good thing is that when you are finished reading them, you can give them back again, and the charity benefits twice. Recycled reading.

I already have Magic Kingdom, but I think it is about my most favourite book...well along with Lord of the Rings and several others. So, I needed another copy so I have one to loan out.

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