Tuesday, 30 April 2013

"And the Bead Goes On..." April's daily beaded projects

Here are the final 2 Rainbow Ribbons for April.
Interesting how that amount of beading makes the ribbons less flexible than with the individual 'raindrop' crystal beads on the previous rainbows for the month.

And a couple extra for good measure!
I wanted to see what a clear fringe would look like.

Here are all the beaded Rainbow Ribbons for April.

Click on the label daily if you want to see the individual beads...scroll down through the April posts.
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Judy Ferguson said...

This is an interesting study. I am working with some beading techniques and never considered the rainbow and ombre ribbons that I have in my stash. I will now get them out and look at them in a new way.

Sandy said...

Hi Judy,
I doubled the ribbon so I could hide the knots.