Sunday, 7 April 2013

"And the Bead Goes On..." 1-7 April

2013 - Week 14 Daily Beads

I was given a bag full of rainbow ribbons. So, I thought it would be great to bead onto them for a month. I have doubled them so I can hide the knots between the layers. When I get to the point where I use them in a project, I will stitch them to the surface with beads along the top...not sure if black or clear beads. Probably clear.

As there are 7 colours, I thought I would do one colour a day, and each week I would do something different with the beads...laying flat as a running stitch, small lumps (or what I call inchworms), stacks, and ?. Then I discovered I have the rainbow colours in opaque beads, so I will have a go with those.

Since there were 7 colours and 7 days, this month I am having a go with posting Sunday's beading on Sunday so the full set is shown together.

I wasn't sure if one row on it's own would really work well visually and was thinking of crystal beads on the other colours. Then I thought about just one or two crystal beads, so tried it. I think it works as it sort of references rain. I was just going to do the one 'fringe' but felt the other rows also needed more. So I have added crystal beads finished with the colour of the day. I am pretty happy with the results!








This is what I wanted the purple bugle bead for. But I have some iridescent metallic beads, some of them had a mainly purple hue, so I have used them.

Several people have asked what I will do with the beaded projects I am doing this year. Some, like the fabric beads will become part of a stash to use on future projects. These beaded ribbons though would probably stand out too much. However, I am loving the look! So, in this case, I will probably eventually make a lot more, and then use them in a project on their own.

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