Monday, 1 April 2013

"And the Bead Goes On..." 1/4 of the Year!

As well as being April Fool's Day and Easter Bank Holiday, today is the 91st day of the bead project - just past 1 quarter of the year.

I made a few extra beads earlier in March in case I didn't get time throughout the Easter weekend. I had some blue and pink sets where there were just enough to make another fabric bead. No point in putting so few away. So, I carried on working one another one or two for a few days. There are a couple that I did just to try out an idea which I may then use for another month's bead project.

And here they are in honour of the milestone...
and then they go into the pot with the rest of the pink and blue ones.
Okay, I rather went over the top with that one.

So this is 'minimal'.

or not!

and a photo of "And the Bead Goes On..." Project to date - 1st Quarter...including extras done for try outs and tutorials.

January mixed colour fabric beads, February beaded Badges, and March pink and blue stripe fabric beads.

I am beading onto something different for April... check back on Sunday!

I will go back to fabric beads for May. Probably from a different part of the colour wheel.


irenemacwilliam said...

How about beading some buttons or washers or nuts, they have interesting shapes?

Sandy said...

aha! Thanks Irene,
at some point I will. I have a box of washers I bought for next to nothing at Aldi. There was something else that kept filling my mind for April. So, now I will begin to think how I will do the washers.

Ruth said...

Your patience astounds me. Beautiful work