Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Map 3 - Ohio, the Early Years

Here is Map 3 complete.

This is map of the Barberton, Ohio area where I began my school years. I was able to locate photos of the various schools I attended.

I started Kindergarten at Norton Primary School. I remember getting chicken pox (somehow connected with a memory of going to the zoo with school?) and then the rest of my siblings - at that point 4 of them - caught it. 2 of them became so ill they got pneumonia and had to go into hospital. My youngest brother was a baby and nearly died.

I finished Primary School at a different primary school from my siblings because as a 'baby boomer' there were too many my age to accommodate at the one school. So, I went to Loyal Oak School from 1st to 4th grade.

While researching information to set the locations on the map, I discovered Loyal Oak School has been knocked down! Sort of shakes you a bit...For instance, I remember watching the return of one of the first moon missions on television with the rest of my year group. I also remember getting praised for an counter change art project I did using organic shapes, which was then displayed on the wall in the corridor.

I remember the first grade teacher was Mrs. Stamp and our classroom was in the basement. My grandmother fell about laughing and I was so indignant because she thought I said "Mrs Damp in the basement"!

In 5th and 6th grade, I went to Norton Intermediate prior to our family moving from Ohio to live in Maine. Here I started flute lessons. and because I struggled so much to read the board and the science film strips, my parents were finally convinced I needed glasses. Then the whole world opened up. I could see birds on the tops of the buildings!

I also included the position on the map where we went to church, Sunday School and a youth club called Awana. Crusade Baptist Church, Copley, Ohio. I made some life long decisions there which I have never regretted. Some of those decisions eventually led me to England where I intend to stay!

I used the computer to add photos to a map of the area. I included smaller images for a 'key'...
2 of these are photos of myself with my siblings in the front garden of our small house on Barber Road.
"The Big Kids"
I am on the left.

and "the Little Kids"
The youngest is in the middle.

Looking back, the Big Kids, Little Kids thing was really a nominal difference as there was only an 8 year difference between the youngest and the oldest (me)!

The map was printed onto calico covered with Ink Aid. However, I hadn't considered what would happen as it was loomstate calico and painting the wet solution onto the cloth caused it to shrink a bit too much - 8in became more like 7in.

The printer wasn't too sure about printing that length of fabric (it started at 13in). It buckled in the printer and picked up ink from something. The word 'Ohio' was added to cover the blotch! Because of the size issue, I trimmed and mounted the map onto hand dyed fabric having colours similar to the map. The map was machine quilted with cream thread.

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