Monday, 15 April 2013

Map - 1 Neighbourhood

Here is Map 1 complete.
This is the map of my neighbourhood.

I used a soldering iron like a wood burning tool to etch the map markings into the calico. Notation and markings were made with Triplus fineliner.

I stitched on small buttons to mark the position of the Cedar of Lebanon trees and other ancient trees that have been in this area. Many of these have been lost to storm damage in recent years; 2 of them on roads which I have lived. This has sparked my interest into further research to find the positioning of the trees from the original estate.

I quilted the map along the main roads and pathways and echo quilting in the blank spaces. I hand quilted along all the smaller roads using light brown Anchor Marlitt - a stranded lustrous rayon thread.


karen said...

Sandy, you have done remarkably well to mark the cloth so precisely with a soldering iron. I take my hat off to you!! Thanks for the comment too....have a brilliant day, Karen

irenemacwilliam said...

These maps look great, what a lovely record for the family.

Sandy said...

Hi Karen, I got one from the local hardware shop that has a fine tip. It is quite fun really!

thanks for the encouragement, Irene.