Thursday, 11 April 2013


Just popping in to say my computer, which was growling last week, and running tooo slow this week. Stopped yesterday. I had preset the post for yesterday.

The Thoughtful Man has been getting a few more hours from it here and there, so got it going again and ordered a new one. Today I had a blue screen with all sorts of scary info on it. and he has once again jump started it.

But I won't tempt fate by trying to upload the progress with the maps, but there has been some...progress, that is. A new laptop came before dinner... we have a meeting tonight. But hopefully The Clever Thoughtful Man will have sorted things by tomorrow.

He backed everything up last week. I have been retaining the photos in my camera for now incase the uploaded ones get lost in the transfer.

Cross fingers and hopefully see you tomorrow!

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